Quality Solutions

Effective Electronic Quality management system Bridging a multitude of quality standards

  • Are you worried about audits?
  • Is control of records becoming a headache for you?
  • Are you worried about the time of retrieving the stored documents?


Understanding ISO compliance is a big task which requires tremendous hard work.

LQMS paperless office helps to maintain the high quality of your business to prosper in today’s competitive environment.

Our application also can help you easily manage and control procedures electronic Document storage, restrictive document access, document encryption, automated email task alerts, and easy-to-use functionalities are among the features which make LQMS stand out.

In fact it has every feature you need to meet and exceed compliance to all ISO standards.


Quality Modules

Add - on Modules

  • Inspection
  • Trend Analysis
  • Health & Safety
  • Validation
  • Uncertainty
  • Web Document Viewer
  • Web Sign -Offs


  • Events Calendar
  • Reminders
  • Create Memo
  • View My Memos
  • Tech Links
  • Search Database
  • Revisions

Document Control

Quick & Easy Access:
You don’t have to walk over to the cupboards or drawyers , …just enter a search term into your softwareand the document comes up

Availability of the latest version:
There is no danger of the wrong version being used… Only the latest approved version of a document is made available with no confusion to the people who need to use them.

Automatic document replacement:
New approved versions of a document must automatically replace the older version and have it archived in obsolete folder .

Automatic Alerts:
System notifications are provided to inform users when they are required to perform a task or need to be aware of an event.
Amended history:
There is no risk of not knowing what has happened to a document in the past….. Auditors should be able to view the complete approval status and history of a document as it is going through its workflow routings.
Restrictive Access:
users only access documents they need for their job assigned by the administrator


Identify Training Schedules:
Training Module manages training schedules for you, leaving you confident that employees are meeting their training requirements on time.

Effective Reporting of Training Data:
Training Module includes stock reports that allow you to quickly and easily query and print your training data.

  • Creating Job Roles and Competencies
  • Adding Competencies to Job Roles
  • Assigning Job Roles to individuals
  • Building Tests and assigning them to Competencies
  • Scheduling and Running Assessments
  • Grading Tests and Assessments


Reduce Downtime:
There's nothing worse than halting production because a tool is in for calibration. Through proper planning and advance notification, you can schedule equipment calibration during off-peak periods.

Maintain History:
Every piece of equipment has a unique life span that must be documented. Historical information is essential for tracking status, evaluating future.

Management Review

Audits are an essential tool in the execution of any control program. They provide a detailed review of each process element, allowing your team to evaluate current performance and to scrutinize previously identified problem

Internal Audits

Identify Areas For Improvement:
When your organization takes a 'continuous improvement' approach, process design and profitability benefit immediately from audit findings.
Streamline Audit Scheduling:
Whether it is a one-time audit, an annual procedure, or arecurring audit driven by a business process, Audit Master streamlines your audit scheduling and allows you to effectively assign and notify team-members of their responsibility.


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