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HR Management Systems


Human resources are one of the most important features of many businesses - especially in an economy where there is an increasing shift towards service-based industries. Human resources account for a large proportion of many businesses' costs and it isthe people that invariably drive a business. Management of these resources therefore is an integral part of business success.

Our HRM software standardize and centralize the laboratory administratory process to reduce the management burden and minimize risk.

Customized Alert Systems for:

• Passport & Visa expiry
• Rejoining due
• Driving License Expiry
• Salary Generation
• Generating SIF (Salary Information File) for WPS
• Employee Settlement as per the Labour Laws
• Various MIS Reports
• Executive Dashboard showing the details of employees on duty and vacation


We also support

Turnkey Projects

This involves in installing complete IT setup for a
business. This includes all hardware, networking,
Security systems and Enterprise Resource
Planning (ERP) solutions.
Software solutions are integrated with its
hardware counterpart and networking solutions.
For example, HR is integrated with Biometrics,
CRM and sales module integrated with POS etc.
Hardware includes setting up of all IT related
systems like Desktop PCs, Laptops, Biometrics,
POS, Fax Machines, etc. Networking includes
entire networking systems with LAN, WAN, Wi fi
etc. This also includes PABX systems and VPN
Security systems includes CCTV, Biometrics
(Access control and Time & Attendance), etc. !

Back office Services

Back-office tasks include IT departments that
keep the phones and computers running
(operations architecture), accounting, and
human resources. These tasks are often
supported by back-office systems: secure
e-commerce software that processes company
information. A back-office system will keep a
record of the company’s sales and purchase
transactions, and update the inventory as
needed. Invoices, receipts, and reports can also
be produced by the back-office system.

Data Warehousing

A data warehouse maintains a copy of
information from the source transaction systems.
This architectural complexity provides the
opportunity to:
• Maintain data history, even if the source
transaction systems do not.
• Integrate data from multiple source systems,
enabling a central view across the enterprise.
This benefit is always valuable, but
particularly so when the organization has
grown by merger.
• Improve data quality, by providing consistent
codes and descriptions, flagging or even fixing
bad data.
• Provide a single common data model for all
data of interest regardless of the data's

• Restructure the data so that it delivers
excellent query performance, even for
complex analytic queries, without impacting
the operational systems.
• Add value to operational business
applications, notably customer relationship
management (CRM) systems.
• Data Backup Storage


Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)
AMC is referred to the maintenance contract
annually for all Hardware requirements.
Hardware repair and maintenance. Hardware
includes all IT systems such as Desktop PCs,
Laptops, Photocopier, Fax, computer peripherals
and accessories etc.
Networking solutions
This includes networking of LAN, WAN, Wi fi and
VPN. Setting up of PABX is included. AMC for
Network is included in Networking Solutions.

Security Systems
• Biometrics (Access Control and Time &
Attendance) which is integrated with izHRM.
Web & Graphic Designing
• Web site development & Hosting
• E-Commerce Site development
• Graphic Designing & Animations

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