Our Uniqueness

We are already in the field!!
We believe , Information in the lab is the biggest asset , and the product of the laboratory is test reports.

LQMS designed to help you to meet all your management objectives and to implement systematic procedures necessary to ensure regulatory and quality compliance .


Your gain

Understanding the Laboratory business requirements and converting to an application is the biggest hassle in the LIMS software development, Since we are already in this field for the past 20 years , we know exactly your requirement .

Since we are already familiar with all testing, standards and procedures , specifications, regulations.

We don’t excessive system study and analysis .

We have the domain expertise - We know exactly what you require.

You can directly adopt the new system just with simple tweak in our existing system.

Our Offer

The 2013 version of LIMS – LQMS has developed to facilitate the communication between laboratories and their clients via a Web Interface, which fit more perfectly with laboratories in every field with the latest technologies in Data.

Export & Import, Bar coding, Web Based Electronic Document Processing & electronic worksheets, Equipment Controlling and Online Payment, SMS Alert System, automatic FAX etc

We guarantee that our Solution LQMS , exclusively made for your activity by understanding all your needs and requirements without compromising on

Best Laboratory Practice is Continously Monitored


Lab Workflow Diagram


Features & Benefits

  • Web-based: Available anywhere. In the office, on the road, at a customer…
  • Automated Task Alerts
  • User Roles: Customize access level for each user…assign read only access to some and administrative access to others
  • Automatic email notifications: E-mail notifications should be provided to inform users when they are required to perform a task or need to be aware of an event
  • Give users exact linformation they need, at the right format.
  • Replaces paper-based lab registers
  • Reduces data entry  errors
  • Data readily available across the enterprise
  • Role based information access
  • Ensures that SOPs are enforced
  • Automatic calculation of derived results & validation
  • Automatic data capture from external equipments
  • Electronic Signature Approvals
  • Store and manage complete  histories  between the lab & customer
  • Easily track work progress and plan upcoming work in the lab;
  • Easily track payment progress, including work done but not billed yet
  • Remove duplicate data entry through the use of one system to meet the laboratory's information needs — sample tracking, data collection, results calculation, report generation and distribution, equipment calibration and invoicing
  • Electronic Worksheets: Electronically  and reliably calculate test results for over 1000 construction materials test methods;
Security & Encryption
We tensure that access to our servers is restricted, that only your approved users have access to your account and that all your data and information is backed up daily to a remote location. In addition, all of your information is encrypted..
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